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Maximum Air

Maximum air circulation and bad odor and bacteria formation is prevented.


Environment-friendly production and packaging aims to minimize damage to the environment.

Zone Beds

Zoned beds created using different wire diameters help to relax by applying different pressures to certain parts of the body.


Comfortable and uninterrupted sleep experience thanks to independent running springs.


I.e. zone zoned bag springs on demands from clients 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 can be produced in the zone. Different types of wire diameters are used in zone bearings. The heavier parts of the body are made more useful by using springs with thicker wire diameter. Zone beds support the back, waist, neck and knees in the most accurate way. Keeping the spine structure of the body upright, it minimizes the pressure applied to the spine and provides a comfortable sleep.


Bag Spring Height 5cm – 20 cm
Bag Spring Wire Diameter 1,10 mm – 2,10 mm
Number of Falling Square Meter 220-680 pcs


* Standard Lamet Frame 1.40 mm

* Circular Frame

* Frameless

As production can be done.

Torba Karkas Packaging

* Roll Wrapping (5-pack and 10-wrapped wrapping.)

** Numbers may increase or decrease according to the measurement status.

* On the pallet

Torba Carcass Array

* Parallel Sequence

* Nested Array

* High-Low Sequence

Production Type
Longitudinal Production – LDP

Transverse Production – WDP

Zone Sequence 3-5-7 Zone Sequence.


* Center Gluing

* Bottom Upper Interlining Bonding

* Both Upper and Lower Wire


With a more comfortable sleep, the choice of bag springs is increasing day by day.

The fact that the bag springs are dependent or independent affect and changes the stretching condition of the bed. The package springs can be flexible according to the body structure and can be produced in different wire diameters as much as the desired area.

In the spring or bag spring spring system, the spring coils are not connected to each other. 60 g / m2 – 70 g / m2 – 80 g / m2 spunbonded wire is used in the production of bag springs. Produced from steel wires, springs are trapped inside the wires, it is ensured to work independently and therefore shows flexibility. Since the bow is inside the bag, it is also removed from the bed or deformation. These beds adapt to the human body, distributes the body pressure evenly to the bed and can take shape according to the movements of the body. Maximizes sleep comfort by relieving blood circulation. During sleep, the spine gets a healthier shape thanks to the independent spring bag springs and allows us to wake up in the morning.

Since the bag springs reduce the sensibility of the movements, the spouses are less affected by each other’s movements while sleeping together.

The bag, which is ready to be shipped, is ergonomically made by wrapping the roll carcasses in certain dimensions and dimensions in order to save the space it will occupy during stacking. This allows easy dispatching.